On June 6, Google will honour the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo, the godfather of espresso machines, with an unique Google Doodle, urging all coffee enthusiasts to sip in honour of the creator.

The doodle, which was created by Olivia When, is painted in a coffee colour scheme and includes a GIF of an espresso machine.

Despite the fact that coffee was quite popular in Italy, people spent a lot of time waiting for it to brew.

Moriondo was the first to patent an espresso machine. "The machine had a big boiler that drove hot water through a bed of coffee grinds, as well as a second boiler that produced steam."

In 1884, Moriondo debuted his espresso machine at the Turin General Expo, where it won a bronze medal.

"New steam apparatus for the economical and quick confection of coffee beverage, method," he acquired a patent for.

Moriondo, who was born in 1851 to an entrepreneurial family in Italy, never ceased generating new ideas or enterprises.

His grandfather established a liquor manufacturing business, which was passed down to his son (Angelo's father), who went on to build the well-known chocolate company "Moriondo and Gariglio" with his brother and cousin.