Even with just one word and six possible guesses, the daily Wordle puzzle is challenging enough. Contrarily, Quordle challenges users to correctly guess four words in nine tries, which is as challenging as it sounds.

Express Online is fortunately here to assist with a variety of spoiler-free answers for the daily Quordle. For the most recent cues for Quordle 152 on June 25, simply scroll to the bottom of the page. Lucky you!

A Wordle clone with a slightly sinister spin is called Quordle. You will need to find four words rather than using the method of elimination to identify one.

If a letter is shown by a yellow tile, it is present in the word but not at that specific location. If it becomes green, the letter is present and in the proper place in the word. The absence of a letter in the word is indicated with a grey tile.

In Quordle, the word you guess will appear in each of the four answer boxes, therefore it makes sense to start with those that have the greatest number of yellow and green tiles.

One tactic is to include as many vowels as you can in your initial guess. In your initial attempt, try terms like ADIEU or AUDIO as these letters will appear in more words.

In order to increase your chances of answering each puzzle, pick a word with five entirely different letters if you are unable to solve the first Quordle word in your second guess.

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